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Take The Fire Back (Prometheus Has Left The Building)

by Worm Quartet

Okay, look...I'm trying to be civilized And not allow my lyrics to be overly politicized I've kept it weird and funny, dada mixed with introspection But it's hard to not admit that since the 0'16 election There's derision and division building up to disdain As alternatives to facts that run from dumb to insane Are getting louder growing clout and outright building to a shout that flouts the laws our peers for untold years have worked to learn about And I guess, y’know it really shouldn’t come as a surprise That they’re using social media to propagate their lies And I guess y’know, it really shouldn’t be a revelation That their tactics are factless attacks and smug denigration And I guess, y'know it really shouldn't come as a shocker That the douches who just pushed us down and shoved us in lockers Left us bleeding and defeated feeling like our lives weren't needed Can't compete on this stage cuz guess who made it? WE DID. We brought you fire, dumbed it down so you could understand it But now you think it's magic, you're taking us for granted You used the very tech and platforms that we created To spit disgust and spread distrust of everything we've ever stated Now we can research for years, present our data in reams But if your mother's plumber's meth dealer sends you some memes Despite the lack of proof you think they’re just as valid as fact So now we’re forming a pack We're gonna take the fire back So you're telling all your followers you think the world is flat Now let's take a couple seconds here and just examine that Because you typed this on your phone that sent a signal into space And then the satellites helped spread your lies from place to freakin' place Now a satellite revolves because the rocket that dropped it Gave it great velocity with no friction to stop it And the gravity that tries to pull it back to ground Keeps it tethered to the planet so it orbits around Now given this system, can you maybe explain How the hell you think a satellite could orbit a plane? You see when you pollute the skies with this illogical blight It’s like you’re using a crayon to write “crayons can’t write” We’ve got millenia of research into mass interaction You’ve got paranoid responses based on rectal extraction Perhaps then you should use your tech for playing Angry Birds Put your thumbs where they belong, leave the thinking to the nerds We brought you fire and your civilization was awoken But you just peed on it and then complained that it was broken We work our butts off blessing you with innovation But you can’t even be bothered to consult the documentation Now I’m not saying we’re gods, we didn’t make all the stars We just discovered the math to show you all where they are But you prefer to buy into that astrological flack So now we’re on the attack We’re gonna take the fire back Every fact-check on a Tweet, each deleted racial slur Is just a finger in the failing dam that’s holding back the “durrr” And you scream that you’re repressed, that we’re silencing your voice Well make your voice less stupid. It’s a conscious freakin’ choice You say “do your own research” but dude, your methods stink You just google for opinions that agree with what you think Then you stop! Look! Proof! It’s proof! Right on my screen! You keep using that word,I don’t think it means what you think it means And I’ve tried to debate you but your argument’s feeble You recite your bumper stickers then you call me a sheeple Because I require evidence before belief? Good grief! Do you think you don’t need us? Think you’re fine on your own? Great! Here’s some sand! Here’s some rocks! Go make a phone! Cuz if you can’t play nice with the other enbies, girls, and boys Then sorry, time out, Daddy’s taking back your toys We brought you fire made it safer so it wouldn’t burn you But now you think somehow we’re not the ones that you should turn to For expertise in things beyond what you can understand Claim we’ve got an evil plan, Slap away our helping hand Now we’re not asking for trust, you don’t just have to believe Take a look at our tests, we wear our work on our sleeves But you welcome all our data like a kick in the sack Come on Come on Come on Come on We brought you fire from on high, just to find your reply Is your beak in our liver and your spit in our eye You say you’re fighting for the right to your opinion But you’re really just another tinfoil-hat-wearing minion We’re bringing hope to the world, while you’re prepping for doom, With your guns and your beans, in your sad little room And long as common sense and decency are something you lack Then we’re not giving you jack We’re gonna take the fire back
Brandon 01:42
Oh my god! The right finally has a meme! See 'em strut, hear 'em scream LET'S GO BRANDON Sounds benign But it's an insult in disguise Yeah I see what you did there, guys LET'S GO BRANDON Watch 'em grin All full of impish glee It's almost swearing tee hee hee LET'S GO BRANDON Shout it loud Spread it near and far You're so clever, yes you are! LET'S GO BRANDON LET'S GO BRANDON LET'S GO BRANDON LET'S GO BRANDON They want their way and they don't give a crap at all If you're butthurt by their attack on the capitol (nice!) Votes be damned they know they're the winning team But though their actions are often deplorable Honestly it's kind of adorable How proud they are to finally have their very own meme (and it's dank, right? I'm sure it's dank!) See 'em beam At a meme that's all their own Man we liberals sure are pwned LET'S GO BRANDON Use it when Bluer prose is not allowed At church or in a NASCAR crowd LET'S GO BRANDON Spread it wide On stickers and on shirts Cuz that'll make the snowflakes hurt LET'S GO BRANDON A sacred symbol Almost as adored As Calvin pissing on a Ford LET'S GO BRANDON LET'S GO BRANDON LET'S GO BRANDON LET'S GO BRANDON When your demographic lacks the proclivity For making slogans that show creativity Because the other side has all the poets and nerds You don't need no edumacation To make a chant for your chunk of the nation Just find some words that kinda sound like some other words So you scream Lego tampon Flex your plankton Lick Bo Burnham Costco phantom Pets with pants on Sexual Reagan Panko manbun LET'S GO BRANDON
Let's have sex on a pile of stuff A pile of stuff A pile of stuff Let's have sex on a pile of stuff cuz I don't wanna clean


Three-song single featuring "Take The Fire Back" from the forthcoming new album, plus two exclusive extra thingies!


released May 12, 2022

Worm Quartet Is:
Tim -=ShoEboX= Crist - Vocals, backing vocals, programming, keyboard, whatever the hell else

Featuring guest duet vocalist Devo Spice on "Take The Fire Back"

Copyright 2022 Timothy F. Crist
Mastered by Angel Marcloid at Angel Hair Audio




Worm Quartet Rochester, New York

New album "Carpe Tedium" available now!

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